Five Actors Who Should Play Steve Jobs in Upcoming Biopic

Last Wednesday was a tough day for our MacBook Pro. Not only did the AppleCare expire on the three-year-old computer, but Steve Jobs died.

Like so many "Macs," we were devastated, moped about the house like someone in our family passed without having a chance to say goodbye, and watched endless hours of "Breaking News: Steve Jobs Is Dead" coverage.

But it's almost been a week, and we're slowly starting to laugh again. In fact, we're already planning the Steve Jobs biopic.

Okay, we're not, but Sony is. They've acquired the rights, and though there's no word of when it'll happen, we want to make sure the right actor play Jobs in the inevitable film. Check out list after the jump.

5. Demetri Martin
Steve Jobs was a master presenter, and Demetri Martin has a knack for

explaining things via his visual jokes. Not to mention, Martin looks

just like Steve Jobs circa '80s.

4. Keanu Reeves
If the Steve Jobs biopic took the made-for-TV route, Keanu Reeves would

be a great choice because he's not that great of an actor. But for the

big screen, dude's past his prime.

3. Jason Schwartzman
Mustachioed Steve Jobs, meet mustachioed Jason Shwartzman, your doppelgänger.

2. William Hurt
William Hunt could is an actor's actor, a Juilliard-trained thespian who

could play older Steve Jobs better than most. Well, except for our top


1. John Malcovich
John Malcovich is a brilliant actor, a man with an uncanny ability to

delve into the mind and soul of his characters, and effortlessly become

his subjects. He'd be a perfect fit to play a man as incredibly complex

as Steve Jobs.

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