First Iron Man 3 Trailer: Kick-Ass Villains, Awesome Explosions, and Tony Stark as Zombie Jesus

It has an ever-sexy Robert Downey Jr. It has explosions. It has kick-ass villains in Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce. It has more killer explosions. It has turned Tony Stark into an underdog poised to rise up. And then more things explode. Its explosions have explosions.

Yes, the first trailer for Iron Man 3 is undeniably awesome.

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But where's Miami? We spotted only one scene that looked like South Florida, and it was shot so far above the ground that it could've been set anywhere along the East Coast. Are they saving giant, earth-shattering Vizcaya explosions for the big screen?

Check out the video after the jump.

0:06: Snow? These are not the sexy Miami beaches we were promised. But Tony Stark says he has "a lot of apologies to make," so we'll just assume one of them is to us.

0:19: "Nothing's been the same since New York," Stark says, referencing the events of The Avengers. Hey, remember how geektastically amazing The Avengers was? Let's go watch that trailer next.

0:22: Tony Stark has telekinetic powers! Does this have anything to do with the end of Paranormal Activity 4 that everyone's talking about?

0:27: Don Cheadle is back! This is his second-best role ever, next to Captain Planet.

0:33: Guy Pearce! Dude looks like a 1980s movie villain.

0:36: "I hope I can protect the one thing I can't live without," Stark says, gesturing to Pepper Potts, and all of America is like, "Yawn, Gwyneth Paltrow."

0:38: Then there's an Iron Man suit attacking Pepper Potts and Tony Stark isn't inside it and all of America is like, "Holy shit, Gwyneth Paltrow!"

0:44: Explodey things! (Iron Man suits, specifically.)

0:48: The distinguished Ben Kingsley greets us formally: "Ladies, children..." Meanwhile, an airplane explodes.

0:56: Hey, are those airplane passengers falling to their deaths above the South Florida coastline?

0:56: "Some consider me a terrorist. I consider myself a teacher." Potayto, potahto.

1:11: Explodey things! (Tony Stark's cliffside home, specifically.)

1:27: What, the Iron Man suit isn't waterproof?

1:40: Title art in which the Iron Man light flickers and dies. Did this trailer just kill Iron Man?

1:52: Tony Stark drags his suit through the snow, and the light returns. He's resurrected! Go get 'em, Zombie Jesus Tony Stark!

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