Festivus in Miami: SoBe Local Hosts a Party for the Rest of Us at the Fillmore

As Frank Costanza taught us so many years ago, Festivus is for the rest of us. From the Airing of Grievances to the Festivus Pole, this holiday's got a hell of an appeal for everyone who's so over Christmas songs and crowded malls. And let's face it -- everyone, regardless of race, creed or planet of origin, likes a party.

Enter this Wednesday's Festivus fete at the Fillmore. The first SoBe Local Festivus was planned to be a laid back, non-denominational affair for anyone looking for something a little bit different. There'll be food, booze, live art, music and maybe, just maybe, a Festivus miracle.

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The shindig runs a mere $15 per person, and for that you get eats by local pig roasters La Caja China, drinks, a live art exhibition by Krave (AKA Daniel Fila) and Ruben Ubiera, a video from students at FIU's Miami Beach Urban Studio, plus live tunes by local Latin notables Suenalo.

"We'll have a Festivus pole and we're thinking about maybe having some random grievances, but it's really about the experience," laughs Josh Oberhausen, founder of SoBe Local, the folks behind the event.

"It's about bringing local folks together and appreciating South Beach and local arts and culture here in Miami," he adds.

So take a break from the rest of the holiday madness and have some Miami-style Festivus fun, instead. Kramer would be all about it.

The party kicks off at 7 p.m. at the Fillmore. Tickets cost $15 and you can check out more details online.

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