Feed the Homeless Flash Mob to Hit Downtown, Overtown

With all the festival madness of late; traffic, life, and just getting from point A to B is more taxing than usual. Some locals, however, think we should focus on helping others in trying times instead of dissolving into fits of road rage and grumpiness. One such radical is Miami resident Give Thanx Bellafonte, whose group 4MK spreads its peaceful message through music and doing good.

Together with New York-based organization Project Impact, 4MK will lead a Feed the Homeless Flash Mob on Saturday, April 5, beginning in Downtown and Overtown, followed by a performance at Camillus House. Since its initial run in 2012, the flash mob has seen an explosion in popularity, with people from London, Mexico, France, and around the U.S. making a collective effort to attack poverty on each given date.

"We want to give back as much as we can," Bellafonte said. "It's not only important for the homeless, it's important for the people who are giving. Here in Miami we reached out to Camillus House in Overtown and they love the idea."

Based in Miami, 4MK produces and performs rock, hip hop, soul and reggae music, much of it filled with old-school vibes and lyrics about spreading love. Though the international reception to the flash mob has moved him, Bellafonte's initial inspiration to help the homeless was sparked by a man he saw on his way home from work every day.

"He's asking for help, but he has such a good spirit. You never see him moping," Bellafonte said. "He makes you smile and feel good about yourself. I talk to him all the time and he tells me his experience in life. He made me really want to help because he could've been me; one turn in your life...[Sometimes] bad things keep happening and they give up."

4MK plans to keep the event going, setting up food flash mobs and random of act kindness mobs every three months. For example, people struggling can approach and settle a bill they can't pay, Bellafonte said.

"We want people to feel good about giving and inspire the people watching," he said. "They could be inspired to bring the next thing, something even bigger to help others."

To participate in the Project Impact: Feed the Homeless Flash Mob, email 4MKspreadluv@gmail.com for more details.

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