February's Second Saturday Art Walk: Photo Tour

"You ever been to Pleasure Island? I hear its a swell joint. No school, no cops, you can tear the place apart and nobody says a word. Plenty to eat, plenty to drink, and it's all free..."
- Lampwick in the Disney cartoon movie Pinnochio

Wynwood at a fever pitch feels like an animated feature where anything is possible. The audio-visual, olfactory, and tactile experience of the art walk is a work of art itself. Here are some snapshots from Saturday.

We saw this in a handmade book at the information desk over at JG Platform.

And this Gustavo Oviedo photo piece too

Then we ran into this piece over at the Idea Box (2417 N Miami Ave). It's awesome in real life because it looks different from every angle, on some optical illusion shit.

Awesome photo exhibit at the Lombardi Pop Up Shop (167 NW 25 St) featuring Barbara Banana, an apparently ungoogleable model until now.

Now Contemporary Art (175 NW 25 St) blew our minds with Sang Won Sung's "Hybrid" solo show. It features many hand built plastic creatures.

Harold Golen Gallery (2294 NW 2nd Ave) has great new paintings up by Jason Snyder from his "Dark and Curly" series. Think spooky, hot chicks, as seen through hair.At Myra Gallery (177 NW 23rd St) we caught up with Bart Simpson in the back room,

And naked ladies up front

Then we found a working tailor shop called Noble Experiment (171 NW 23 St) run by Ashley Liener in the office of a liquor company iphone app developer where the old Art Formz used to be.

One of the coolest exhibits we saw was Foto Konbit at the UM Wynwood Project Space (2200 NW 2nd Ave). Noelle Theard and others have mobilized to conduct social photography workshops in Haiti. Awesome images.

Just up NW 2nd Ave, in the Wynwood food truck court, Marc Paper Scissor had a booth set up with a bunch of his work.

Then we saw some cool new printmaking at the Fulwood Limited Edition Press that's headed up by Master Printer Louis F. Dow.

Between there and Cafeina we finally ran into some video art.

And then some awesome work at GAB Gallery (105 NW 23rd St)

But one of the best pieces we saw all night was this one here

Which is what makes Wynwood so great in the first place.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.