Fashism Tells You If You're Hot Or Not

Next time you find yourself alone in a fitting room and in need of an objective fashion opinion, consider your options: You could ask a salesperson, but he or she will likely tell you that you look fabulous just to get a commission. You could snap an awkward photo of yourself and text it to your friend, but you'll likely get the unhelpful response: "cute."

But now there's Fashism, a web site that lets you ask strangers what they think of your look. Basically, you upload a photo of your outfit and then ask the other users for their opinion. People can vote "I like it" or "I hate it," as well as add personal comments.

Sound dangerous? It is. We tried it and can't believe how freaking mean everyone is. Why all the hate? Read on to hear what they thought of our choice of threads.

The first outfit we uploaded was an obvious bad choice: rose gold,

sequin Rachel Roy skirt paired with a low-v, black top.  For added

drama, we even assumed an angry expression (you know, the one "before

models" always use).

Not a minute later, we already had our first

comment: "No, no, no... this is all wrong," it read. For the next 10

minutes we continued receiving "I hate it" comments in rapid-fire

succession. Near tears, we finally took down the photo after one person

said, "You look fat. Throw away the skirt and fix your hair." What the

hell? Was this a fashion web site or middle school?

Our next photo (see above) was of an outfit we actually liked. And this time, we didn't make the rookie mistake of not cropping out our face. After 32

minutes, we received 10 comments that were mostly "I like it" votes

leaving us at 93 percent approved. But people still complained about the

angle of the photo and continued to give their blunt comments: "The

lines are stretched out at the tummy. Do you really want to accentuate

that bit?" wrote one Facist, we mean Fashist.

Fashism was fun for an hour, but any longer and we might have signed off

with an empty closet and an eating disorder. Enter Fashism at your own

risk and bring your thick skin.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.