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Fall Movie Preview: Nine Best Comedies, Musicals, and Animated Flicks

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The Boxtrolls, September 26

It's the animated story of a bunch of trolls who live underground and wear boxes and when they get scared, they can conveniently hide in their box armor. One day, a little baby boy falls into their hole and they do what any right-minded, animated trolls would do: raise him. What comes next is the usual coming-of-age tale made to appeal to young audiences where Eggs, the box-wearing human, grows up, meets a girl, finds himself, and falls in love. The Boxtrolls was made by the same people who brought you Paranorman and Coraline, and stars the voice talents of Elle Fanning, Ben Kingsley, and Nick Frost. They're just so cute! We're going as far as to say they're cuter than minions. We went there.

Big Hero 6, November 7

A fun part about the description for Big Hero 6 is how it takes place in "San Fransokyo" -- leave it up to Disney and Marvel to create a magical cross between California and Japan. The animated adventure looks to be full of age-appropriate action stunts mixed with a sweet plot line about a boy and his best friend invention. The relationship between Hiro and his inflatable pal reminds us of Family Guy's Stewie (the mad-scientist) and his partnership with Brian (the happy-go-lucky sidekick), except the former have to save an entire city from some looming evil rather than spend their days time traveling. The inflated robot looks like a giant air-filled, lovable companion; therefore, you can probably expect plush toy replicas hitting Disney Store shelves just in time for the holidays. Dude, it's from the same studio that made Frozen -- just shut up and watch it.

Dumb and Dumber To, November 14

To say this movie looks "dumb" would be a wasted pun. Rather, we'll say it looks "interesting" and "fun." The original Dumb and Dumber remains a classic, and if it proved anything it was that Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels work well together. The storyline for this installment in the self-made trilogy (we're still trying to forget Dumb and Dumber: When Harry Met Llyod), follows Harry and Lloyd tracking down Lloyd's long-lost daughter. In his defense, the mother sent him a postcard nearly 20 years earlier; I mean, everyone knows that e-cards were all the rage in 1991, right?

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