Fabio Destroyio Wants Miami to Punk Out

This is the third in a series of articles profiling the seven

finalists for the New Times MasterMind Awards, which will be presented

to four local artists during Artopia at the Freedom Tower February 11.

Fabio Destroyio likes to quote the old punk line about 25 singers and one microphone. And sometimes it appears to be true. There seem to be more people onstage than in the audience.

But Fabio and his independent record label, Destroyio Records, are trying to do something to change all of that by spreading the gospel of punk. And the head-banging, slam-dancing congregation seems to be growing.

As many as 300 loyal punkers buy the label's underground CDs and attend the shows Destroyio stages across the Magic City. "It's not huge, but it's definitely growing," says the native Colombian, who plays bass and guitar.

Destroyio deploys a "street team" to get the word out by distributing flyers, and small independent music shops carry the label's half a dozen

recordings. Like the Gospel, it's mostly word of mouth.

"Punk rock is more DYI, it's more of a community thing," Destroyio says. "Anybody who's

really a punk rocker is really in it for the love of it. You're not

going to make money doing it."


(nicknamed for his "temper problems") has found a few bars willing to

let the bands rip inside their walls. "It's not usually the rich kids

who come to our shows. We're more of a liability."

He'd like to

eventually open up a punk venue, he'd like to see more Miami punk

bands touring (he plans to take his own band to L.A.), and he'd like to

lure more name acts to Miami.

"A lot of the bigger punk bands don't come down here," he says. "They don't think there's a scene."

That won't be the case if Destroyio can help it.

For more information about Destroyio Records, visit myspace.com/destroyiorecordsmiami.

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