Everyman Exposed

Now 24/7

Men. A mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a body not nearly as good as he thinks, and forever focused on his ever-fascinating SELF. Enter, into the pool at Roney Palace, Playgirl's Man of the Year -- no "mystery" here, just a lot of body, an Appalachian accent, and a desire to please. So Shannon Fuller, about this issue's spread -- shot in Miami -- did you need a "fluffer"? "Playgirl won't give me one!" he laughs. "Actually, I don't need one, and an audience helps." Why not make more money in porn? "I couldn't do that to my family in Tennessee." Plus, "I don't want to ruin my chances of starring in action films." What's your type of woman (please don't say sensitive)? "Oh, I guess taller, thinner, model types really." Yes! Do you mind that many of your admirers are men? "No." Do you mind that they get off to your pictures? "No. Then they just have to buy another magazine!" -- By Anne Tschida

Saturday 5/31

Artful Accumulation

The invitation for Bernice Steinbaum Gallery's (3550 N. Miami Ave.) summer group invitational show includes a paper roll for stacking pennies as well as a penny to get started, presumably on saving up to buy a work of art. On another announcement, a smiling pink piggy bank urges buyers to "Save your pennies!" Steinbaum hopes the exhibition called Affordable Art might make beginning an art collection easier for financially insecure buyers, while at the same time conceptually expressing current universal concerns. "The show tries to deal with the mood of society in general," says Steinbaum. Artists Elia Alba, Edouard Duval Carrié, Hung Liu, Glexis Novoa, and others show their solidarity with struggling collectors by displaying their accessible works of art. Admission is free. The show opens at 7:00 tonight and runs through Saturday, August 16. Call 305-573-2700. -- Judy Cantor

Thursday 5/29

Ladies Night
Chicklet's femmy hoo-ha

Groovy house music bounces off the walls and the women line up at the long narrow bar at Lounge 16. Lipstick girls in miniskirts laugh drunkenly, crew-cut mamas smoke Camels, dreadlocked chicks yap with all comers, and skinny-boned ladies cabbage patch on the dance floor. They party at the Chicklet Lounge, South Beach's recent scorching all-girl event hosted by persona extraordinaire, Crispy, and her friend Carol. The party starts at 9:00 p.m. Thursdays at Lounge 16, 423 16th St., Miami Beach. Call 305-538-8282. -- Juan Carlos Rodriguez

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