Everybody Wins at Art Center South Florida's Cinco de Mayo Party

This weekend's all about winners. Some expensive animal will win the Kentucky Derby. The Miami Vice City Rollers will undoubtedly win their first-ever home game. And as we all send another round of tequila shots into our bellies, we'll sure as hell feel like winners.

Until the next week, anyway. On Monday, we'll be hung over, the derby girls' bruises will have gotten really colorful and sore, and that prize-winning horse is just another day closer to the glue factory.

Why not win something that lasts instead? At Art Center South Florida's "Winning Art!" raffle, you can do just that.

Show up to the Art Center's Cinco de Mayo festivities, and you'll have the chance to win the art on the walls. Twenty bucks gets you through the door, plus one raffle ticket to bid on a signature piece of artwork by one of the gallery's 38 artists in residence. Want to increase your odds? Extra tickets come at $20 a pop. No need to be stingy; proceeds from the annual fundraiser keep the Art Center in business -- no easy task in the ultra-pricey cultural wasteland that is Lincoln Road.

You don't even have to give up celebrating Mexico's most famous exports in order to join in. You'll have a margarita in hand as you browse the gallery to decide which piece you want most. And after you've made your choice, you can take a whack at a pinata.

The Art Center gets funded. Its artists get noticed. You get tequila and, hopefully, some free art. Everybody wins!

Art Center South Florida's Cinco de Mayo party kicks off Saturday from 7 to 10 p.m. Admission costs $20.

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