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Eight Best Things to Do this Weekend

Have you been watching the HBO series Treme about post-Katrina New Orleans? With the start of Hurricane season this week, we don't think we's like to endure another bad storm without bayou jazz, Mardi Gras Indians, or second lines. Those old enough to remember Andrew know that there were no community-bonding parades in the streets. But there is this weekend when the Goombay Festival hits the Groove. 

Goombay's magnificently-clad Junkanoos are just as impressive any Mardi Gras Indians, and all kinds of folks with the fill the streets marching to the Bahamian beat. And with the fallout from last weekend's events still fresh, we all could do with a little community-bonding and carefree dancing, no? Check the cut for Goombay and seven other things to do this weekend.


  • After fighting antiquated censorship laws, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt

    turns his attention to politicians' sexual habits. He talks his new

    book One Nation Under Sex at Books & Books tonight at 8 p.m.

  • Teo Castellanos brings D-Projects to Goldman Warehouse for his hip-hop dance performance, Fat Boy.


  • Goombay Festival - Miami's best attempt to match the resilient soul of New Orleans and just a damn good time. See the slideshows from previous years.

  • Destroyio Records brings Regan Youth, an '80s NYC punk band, to Churchill's. Oi!

  • South Florida's Gold Coast Derby Grrls don't often play matches in Miami

    so don't miss their wheeled attack on the Dallas Derby Devils this

    Saturday night in Doral. (Yes, in Doral!)

  • "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver," "My Name Is Mud," "DMV" - we're bigger

    Primus fans than we remembered. We're off to mine YouTube for some Les

    Claypool memories in preparation for their Saturday show at Fillmore.

We're back. The 1993 version of ourselves want you to watch "Mr. Krinkle":


  • Matt & Kim have certainly had their fair share of South Florida

    shows, but this indie duo's bubbly sound continues to make crowds jump

    and yell. Catch them at the Culture Room.

  • The Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale opens a gigantic photography exhibit of 200-plus works on Sunday called "The Art of Caring."

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Amanda McCorquodale