Eight Best Things to Do This Weekend

Oh embarrassment of riches! Take a look at this weekend's events. Well done, Miami. Well done. If you don't have fun this weekend, it's totally your fault.

There's a sexy Australian chanteuse, LGBT film fest, feats of strengths (and it's not even festivus!), local indie film fest, the Sheen Monster, the yucks yucks of a comedy tour, and a graffiti tour on wheels.


  • Meow Meow: A crowd-surfing ballet dancer who sings cabaret classics and

    has worked with David Bowie. Yo, Sheen, this is what #winning looks like.



  • Spartan Race: This one's for all the tough guys and gals out there with

    something to prove. Basically, if you've ever entertained the thought of

    a triathlon, this is the next test of your brawn and endurance.

  • Borscht Film Festival: See 12 films and one videogame at this short film festival of local art, music, and filmmaking talent. We hear James Francco will be there (please note the double "cc").

  • Charlie Sheen: Hide ya husbands; hide ya kids. More like hide your

    pretty young daughters. This train wreck is pulling into town and he

    expects you to be enthralled by his speedy, public demise. Actually,

    he's headed to Broward so Miami remains unscathed by Sheen taint.



  • Graffiti Bike Tour: Go see creations by Primary Flight and Johnny Robles as you sneak in some exercise on this free bike tour.

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