Eight Best Things to Do This Weekend

A city is only as good as its weekend lineup, right? So we took a quick look at the events in other cities in the Village Voice paper chain to see how Miami measures up. This weekend, Denver has an animation festival and an edible book show (?). In Phoenix, there's a sticker art show and a skydiving festival. Seattle boasts a Chaplin fest while San Fran has hipster magic shows. And New York hosts John Waters' movie sing-along and five-minute lecture series where you can learn how to have sex standing up and use a scarf as a neck brace.

Check the jump for the eight best things to do in Miami this weekend. Are our events awesome? Yep. Could they use a heavy dose of weird? YES. Turn up the crazy, Miami event planners.

  • Square Grouper: Show your pothead pride and watch Rakuntour's latest

    about our city's ganja-smuggling past. Currently screening nationwide, O Cinema is one of the first theaters to show Square Grouper in its


  • Amigo Skate Cuba: Best way to fight communism? Skateboarding. So the

    Miami skate scene is holding a fundraiser, Amigo Skate Cuba, at Transit

    Lounge on Saturday. Hear from local bands Spam Allstars and ArtOfficial,

    get a Hellbound City tattoo, and test your own board skills in the

    miniramp, flatground, and longboard skating contests.

  • Pride: Show your support for living the out and proud life at Miami Beach Pride Weekend

    and parade. Bravo's Andy Cohen is the Grand Marshal.

  • Wine and Food Festival: Not as grand at the SoBe fest, but certainly

    more accessible, the Miami Wine and Food Festival includes interactive

    dinners, wine parties, and beer tastings.

  • SweatStock: Just in time for Record Day, Sweat Records is hosting their

    second annual block party, SweatStock. Hear from a jam-packed lineup of

    local bands --Panic Bomber, Beings, Deaf Poets, etc. -- and from other non-music favorites -- O,Miami, Borscht, Pure

    Imagination -- in the empty lot next to Churchill's Pun in Little Haiti.

  • Taste of the Grove: Summer's almost here so get outside while you can

    still stand it. Area restaurants and local bands will fill the Grove's

    charming canopied streets. All you have to do and wander around and


  • Don Giovanni. Florida Grand Opera's Don Giovanni opens on Saturday at

    the Arsht. If you like opera, that was probably enough to lure

    you in.

  • EarthFest: Are you ready for Earth Day? Consider this all-day festival your

    boot camp. You'll learn how to be the green-savvy earth dweller you

    always intended to be via composting workshops, yoga en masse, and

    moonlight drum circles.

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