Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to Kick South Floridians' Asses in New TV Show

Between Pain and Gain, his new HBO project on Miami athletes, and now, a TNT series casting in South Florida, Dwayne Johnson can't seem to stay away from the 305. Thank you, universe.

So what do we know about this new show? The Rock will be helping regular folks in need of a strong, strapping, handsomely-bronzed hand up. Any problem qualifies, according to the casting call, from strained relationships to bad neighborhoods to weight gain. Apparently, the Rock is a superhero and a fairy godfather all in one.

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Specifically, the call for submissions asks for "every day Americans in life situations who are ready for a change of fate and a stroke of luck."

So basically, everyone in Miami?

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And while the folks at TNT couldn't reveal much, they did point us in the direction of this article, which outlines that the series has been picked up for at least eight episodes.

The show is tentatively called The Wake Up Call, and is apparently a successor of sorts to his recently concluded series, The Hero. (Am I the only one who now has a mental picture of the Rock waking up next to me? Thanks again, universe.)

The article reads:

In Wake Up Call, The Rock will tackle the worst of the worst and make them into the best of the best with his own personal brand of high-octane motivation. From dysfunctional homes and dead-beat dads to sports teams that don't gel and businesses struggling to survive, The Rock is going to descend into the chaos of everyday problems to pull good people up by the bootstraps, reminding them what hard work, passion and true discipline can accomplish.

With 4 a.m. wake-up calls, emotional reunions and near-impossible goals, everyone who comes in contact with The Rock's electric sense of personal motivation will grow from it, finding inner strength and heart.

Is it just us, or does it sound like Dwayne is moving into the motivational speaker genre? Needless to say, I'd take his direction.

Oh, and if you wanna submit yourself or someone you know, send your name, age, city, contact info, photo and life situation to floridacasting1@gmail.com.

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