Dumb New Movie Premise: What If a Miamian Moves Somewhere Cold?

Meet Lucy Hill, the main character of New In Town. She's one of these young, beautiful, independent, white career ladies we have so many of around town. She just loves her life in sunny Miami. Mostly because it is warm here, so very, very warm. But ruh roh! For her latest assignment she has to move somewhere where it is cold, so very, very cold. Minnesota in fact. She does all sorts of funny things that only people from Miami would do in the cold. Like shout "Holy Mother!" when she gets hit by a gust of wind, she slips on the ice, she stays in bed under a pile of comforters, and she drives her car into the snow. There hasn't been this much ice-related humor in theaters since that one Batman movie with Mr. Freeze.

But then she meets a burly Minnesotan, and even though her body is still very, very cold, her heart warms! 

Our Minneapolis-based counterparts are upset about how horrible Minnesota comes off in this trailer, but you know, there is a bit of truth to this. My dad is originally from Minnesota (St. Paul!) and we visited as a family only once -- in the middle of July -- and we were still all chattering our teeth. Still, though, it's not exactly the greatest concept to build an entire film around.

New in Town comes out January 30, 2009.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder

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