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Doctor Who Takes Miami: Cast, Crew to Appear This Friday

The doctor is in. Or will be, anyway, come this Friday. For the first time in 25 years, a former Doctor Who will touch down in Miami to meet with Whovians, sign mini versions of the TARDIS, and generally regale us with geeky glee.

The seventh doctor himself (Sylvester McCoy) and several other cast members are navigating through the big ball of wibbily wobbly timey wimey stuff to make an appearance at the Hialeah Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel.

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This is a wild time for fans of the classic BBC series: the 50th anniversary episode is scheduled to air on November 23rd, a new doctor is kicking off his tenure, and a whole host of lost episodes have recently been recovered. This might be the most exciting period in 900 years of time and space.

In addition to headliner McCoy (who's also appearing in all of the current Hobbit flicks, by the way), attendees will include Frazer Hines, known for playing the Second Doctor's assistant; Carole Ann Ford, who played the First Doctor's granddaughter; Pamela Salem, who guest-starred with the Fourth and Seventh Doctors; Colin Spaull, who guest-starred with the Sixth and Tenth Doctors; and former script editor and author Andrew Cartmel.

"I think we have people who have been either a guest star or a companion in episodes with maybe nine or ten of the doctors, so if you have a question, somebody there can answer it," says Sci-Fi Sea Cruise founder and event promoter Daniel Harris.

Now's the time to ask all those burning Whovian conundrums like, are actors privy to the doctor's real name? There'll also be vendors, so you can score Doctor Who merchandise, too.

Twenty-five years ago, Harris founded the Sci-Fi Sea Cruise, a special Caribbean voyage designed to bring together fans and stars from the show. The actors are actually coming to town for this year's cruise, setting sail on Saturday.

The last time a doctor came to town, it was also McCoy, for the inaugural cruise more than two decades ago, Harris says. "Here we are for the 50th anniversary, and I said we have to have Sylvester back again and come full circle."

So find a way to come on out Friday night -- be it by blue boxes, flying car or hell, two legs. You can score tickets online at $25 for adults and $15 for children in advance. If they're still available at the door, they'll be higher priced, so planning ahead is a good option.

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