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Dexter's Final Season, Episode Four: Meet the Brain Surgeon

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Yates has bone saws, specimen jars, and charts of the human skull, a sort of "cut by numbers guide." This discovery is a huge indication that he might our guy - why else would he have these things? Upon seeing this, Dexter proclaims him the Brain Surgeon. However, what doesn't sit right is how the Brain Surgeon keeps pieces of the brain as trophies, but Yates keeps a single high-heeled shoe from his female victims (and all other Brain Surgeon victims have been male).

In the same kill room, Dexter makes one other startling find: Vogel has been treating their interactions as a sort of experiment and writing material for a new book. He finds her case file on him, where he is affectionately referred to as Subject 0, and one entry has this lovely line: "Somehow he's deluded himself into thinking his feelings for his sister are genuine. Unaware there are no real emotions behind them." Vogel continues and compares Dexter to Pinocchio, "trying desperately to blend in and become a real boy." You can feel the sting from the couch - that's gotta hurt.

Enough about Deb, Dex, and Vogel for a second; let's talk about Masuka. Apparently a really "hot" girl is asking around the police station for him, and when they finally meet, she is pretty cute. (It's Dora Madison Burge, a.k.a. Becky from Friday Night Lights.) But you know she's not there for what Masuka is hoping for. Her name is Niki from "U of M." C'mon writers -- if you actually live in Miami or attend the University of Miami, you know we don't refer to it as U of M. It's simply UM. Geez, even ESPN knows that.

Anyway, Niki ends up bursting Masuka's bubble by saying, "I think you might be my father." Harrison might have a new play date at Miami Metro's daycare.

Now, back to Deb, Dex, and Vogel.

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