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Dexter's Final Season, Episode Four: Meet the Brain Surgeon

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Though her methods are not entirely conventional, it does appear as if Vogel is getting through to Debra. Midway through the episode, Deb even starts to wear her hair straight again! And she turns down a beer from her hunky boss, Elway - control, Deb, that's the key. But don't get too excited, because by episode's end, you'll be disappointed - but we'll talk about that later.

While Dexter and Vogel discuss Deb's progress over coffee, Vogel continues to insist Dexter stay away from Deb and prepare for the possibility of never having her in his life again. That's kind of shitty of you, Vogel. But Dexter's no fool, quickly responding with, "No, I wont just let her go." Never give up, Dex.

Part of Vogel's manipulation tactic is showing the kids old videos of their dad and, in a way, letting him do the talking. This week, it was Deb's turn to see a Harry and Vogel video session. Meticulously chosen, Deb sees the video of Harry struggling with the guilt of what he created and Vogel reassuring him it was the right thing - just like she does with Deb: "Harry did not make a mistake saving Dexter's life, and neither did you."

Using Vogel's book, Crave to Kill, Dexter tracks down ex-patients who may be the Brain Surgeon, and next on the list: A.J. Yates. Could the third time be a charm, and could Dexter have really found the Brain Surgeon? It appears yes.

When Dexter goes to Yates' house to do some creeping, we see that Yates has cameras in every inch of the house and is watching Dexter from his hidden kill room. When Yates hears a conversation between Vogel and Dexter, he says, "She's found herself a hero" - indication number one. Then, later on when Dexter decides to kill Yates - because even if he's not the Brain Surgeon, he is still a killer - Dexter finds an empty house and discovers the kill room... in a basement. Yes, Yates apparently lives in the only home in South Florida with a basement. Hope all that security technology is waterproof.

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