Dexter May Survive Beyond Its Eighth Season, Showtime Chief Says

See Dexter's Getting Sliced After Season Eight.

The last time we heard from anybody at Showtime about the end of Dexter, the premium cable's noir-ish drama about a serial killer set in Miami, it was executive producer Sara Colleton asserting that the show would kill itself off at the end of its eighth season. (Season seven premieres September 30.) And the show would only survive that long, she said, because Showtime had asked that the writers' original plan -- a seven season story arc -- be extended for one more season.

But David Nevins, Showtime's president, may have other ideas.

The Hollywood Reporter recapped the Nevins' comments at the Television Critics Association press tour yesterday, during which he confirmed the end of another Showtime series, The Big C, and promised "bold choices" from the next season of Homeland.

But the issue of Dexter's ultimate demise was a touchy one, THR reports:

As for Dexter, Nevins remains unwilling to put the word "final" on the long-running drama, though "the plan" remains to have the Michael C. Hall vehicle wrap up after two more seasons. "I would be stupid to not leave the door open," he said.

Maybe it's wishful thinking, but it seems strange for Showtime's president to be so wishy-washy when the show's writers and producers, and even its own audience, seem content with two more seasons. The network has already bargained one extra season out of the show's talent; there's no reason it couldn't do it again. Look, we're just saying there's a chance.

In other Dexter news, Nevins assured the press that he takes the responsibility for airing violent television content very seriously -- but that recent events like the Aurora movie theater shooting won't likely affect the level of gore in the show's remaining run.

"I'm very comfortable with what we put on the air," he told reporters, later saying, "It's very hard to see a direct casual connection."

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