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Designer David Jon Acosta Talks Toasters, Miami Booty, and Valentine's Day.

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We're deep in the midst of New York Fashion Week, with every clothes-minded girl we know posting runway shots on Facebook. It all has us craving something a little more low-key. Enter Our Prince of Peace designer David Jon Acosta and his wearable, fun, and Miami-inspired collection.

We caught up with Acosta at The Closet for the launch of his line of stretchy, body-conscious pieces like snakeskin print leggings and American flag motif bandeaus. The self proclaimed "girly-guy" told us how hard it is to get Miami shoppers to buy pants, all about the toaster he's buying his boyfriend for Valentine's Day, and why we should call him Cupid.

New Times: Tell us a

little bit about this collection.

David Jon Acosta: Everything's

kind of inspired by Miami Beach, my hometown, the city that I love. Today we're

debuting it because it's available at The Closet Boutique, so this is like the

Spring/Summer Collection.

Do you have a favorite

I like the American flag motif, and this print is called the

Kowabunga print [It's a small scale repeating linear

pattern reminiscent of an old tribal Native American blanket in light pinks,

purples and greens.] It's a little tropical and a little tribal at the same time.

What would you say to a girl who's worried about all the tight fabric -- someone with a Miami girl booty?
Well, then she can pair it with like a tunic or something a

little longer. I definitely design for the Miami girl, so I keep it all in

mind. I would say, try it on. You never know. A lot of people see these things,

like my turbands, and they're like "I can never pull that off," but they're

really easy to wear.

Let's talk about

Valentine's Day.

What is your Valentine's

aesthetic like?
I'm always designing for the girly girl because I'm a very

girly guy. I love all things Valentine's Day and I love love. My Gold Saturn

line is all about the hippie aesthetic, all about peace and love.

Valentine's Day is not about being cheesy and wearing

something pink; it's about wearing something that you love and something that

you feel happy in because when you do, then you exude that. You can definitely

wear pink and red if you want to but you don't have to. I think it's kind of

cheesy to wear pink and red on Valentine's Day. Go very feminine and frilly,

maybe some ruffles.

Do you have

Valentine's Day plans?
I do.

Are they secret?
No... should I say?

My boyfriend has been wanting a toaster since we moved in, and I said

we don't have space for a toaster. So, he's been saying for months and months

that he wants a toaster, so for Valentine's Day I got him a toaster and we're

doing a whole toaster dinner. Everything is going to be around the dinner, so

it's going to be a little toast. I'm very thoughtful.

Do you have a favorite

Valentine's candy? Are you a fan of the hearts or more a chocolate guy...
I'm like a Sour Patch head. I like sour. All about sour.

That's mixed

messaging for Valentine's Day.
That's true. You're a sour sport.

You're a sour puss.
Our love has gone sour.  They should invent like anti-Valentine's Valentine's and

they can say that. They'd do well.

Do you have a

restaurant recommendation for a Valentine's date?
You know what's super cute? Cecconi's on the beach at Soho

House, the lights, it's beautiful. After that you can walk on the beach, or

onto the rooftop and it's so romantic and nice. I like to be outside.

Especially in Miami, you can go to like Scotty's or Monty's, somewhere out

there, by the water.

That's like an old

Florida themed Valentine's Day.
Yeah, outside by the water, that's where I like to be.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.