Design Thinking Miami Invites Professionals to Drink and Draw at the New Tropic

When we were kids, we all loved to draw, but somewhere along the way, most of us decided we weren't artists anymore. Mariana Rego of business consulting group Design Think Miami says that's all hogwash.

“I'm not an artist by any means,” she says. “I'm a trained engineer, but for me, drawing and doodling helps engage that part of the brain.”

For Rego, a quick sketch has proven the best way to flesh out her ideas, get them out into the world, and communicate them to others from the board room to casual discussion. She and her team want to give you the skills and the confidence to engage your creative side in the conference room, too, so they teamed with the New Tropic for Visual Thinking and Sketching with Arts and Drafts, an evening of fun, creativity, and drinks this Thursday.

Design Think Miami is all about bringing creativity into the conference room. The strategy and consulting firm strives to help struggling businesses solves challenges and problems with outside-the-box thinking and creative approaches.

“[Design Think Miami is] very much focused on understanding people and understanding their motivations,” Rega says. “As opposed to regular business consulting, which is all about spreadsheets, we're about going out and meeting people, trying to understand their motivations and the needs that they have that are not articulated, [the needs] that they might not even know they have.”

This art class for people who don't take art classes will be led by Stephanie Shaheen, a trained artist and business professional who will give you the basic skills to translate the thoughts in your head into relatable images that will have you winning arguments and landing proposals faster than you ever imagined.

“Stephanie has experience in corporate environments, so she's someone who straddles both sides,” Rego says. “People would be amazed once they start drawing and doing little sketches how much it opens up their creativity, how it engages that part of their brain.”

Plus, the $25 ticket fee includes beer and wine to help unlock those creative juices.

“This is the first time we're doing an event with arts and drafts, and we hope it will really help people,” Rega says. “We're just really excited about this partnership.”

Visual Thinking and Sketching With Arts and Drafts
Thursday, January 14, at the New Tropic (7230 NW Miami Ct., #5, Miami). The event begins at 7:30 p.m., and tickets cost $25. Everyone over the age of 21 is invited. Call 305-846-9026 or visit thenewtropic.com

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