Design Miami 2012 Visitors Will Enter Beneath A Giant Inflatable Canopy

In 2011, Design Miami attendees who tired of wandering around Fendi's cloth furniture and scoping out the Audi on the light-up flooring congregated outside the fair's entrance inside a giant wooden structure, sort of an open-air cave for artsy hipsters.

In 2012, we predict, they'll mostly just stand around outside and look up.

The Design Miami tent this year will be adorned by a huge inflatable art piece titled Drift, hovering over entering patrons courtesy of New York-based collaborative practice Snarkitecture.

Design Miami's announcement says the piece will be made up of inflatable tubes assembled to look like "a topographical landscape in suspension: an ascending mountain above and an excavated cavern below."

It sounds like some of those tubes will move -- "the cascading cylinders of Drift lift to create paths of circulation" -- and breaks in the piece will let sunlight in during the day.

There's also a courtyard seating area in the works for the design, giving last year's hipsters a new place to hang out and smoke while gazing at the shifting, large-scale balloons above.

Snarkitecture is the firm responsible for A Memorial Bowing, the replicas of the Orange Bowl letters seemingly sprinkled around Marlins Park. Curbed Miami notes that the Design Miami tent is yet another homecoming for Snarkitecture cofounder Daniel Arsham, who hails from Miami.

For more information on the project, visit designmiami.com.

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