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Design for a Living World: Sip Bombay and Save the Planet

Humanity's come a long way since acknowledging the existence of global warming and our selfish, consumptive ways. More and more people are going green, and it doesn't hurt that it's become trendy to do so. Captain Planet would be proud.

The products we use on the daily impact us more than we think, so the Nature Conservancy has decided to address these issues through a unique exhibit, Design for a Living World, set to premiere at the Coral Gables Museum on July 26.

Works from 10 world-renowned designers, including Isaac Mizrahi, Kate Spade New York, Yves Behar, and Maya Lin will be on display. Organic materials made from the hardwood forests of Maine to the mangrove waterways of Micronesia have been used to create fashion-forward yet practical items that demonstrate the human connection to Earth and stories about regeneration.

The exquisite collection consists of clothing, furniture, accessories and more to be displayed alongside the works of award-winning photojournalist Ami Vitale, whose photographs documented the people and places that brought the project to life.

"This is the first time we're bringing a complete exhibit to our institution.... It's great for the museum, the downtown business district, and the community," museum director of operations, Christine Rupp, said of the project.

Since its world premiere at New York's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, the exhibit has traveled to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix and the Field Museum in Chicago, bringing in more than 70,000 visitors.

After six months packed away in a warehouse, the exhibit finally found a worthy niche in the Gables. "They wanted to bring it to Miami given our museum has a focus on architecture, design, and sustainability, they loved the fit," Rupp said.

The Gables Museum is the last stop on the eco-friendly exhibit's run. A closing celebration will be held October 25 where guests can bid on original pieces to benefit the Nature Conservatory.

A cocktail reception will be held opening night, featuring the Bombay Sapphire World Experiential, including hors d'oeuvres and an open bar.

Come out for an evening of organic art where designers and consumers display their best efforts to re-shape our economy and global conservation principles by deliberately incorporating sustainable materials that support, instead of diminish, natural surroundings.

Design for a Living World takes place at the Coral Gables Museum, 285 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, Thursday July 26 at 7 p.m. and runs through October 26, 2012. For tickets call 305-603-8067.

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