Del Toro Shoes Takes It to the Streets with Artist Johnny Robles

Palm Beach prep-inspired brand Del Toro shoes is taking it to the streets... again. But this time they're not only doing up their shoes. Creative director and CEO Matthew Chevallard has redesigned his store to fit the brand's changing aesthetic, too.

Chevallard has partnered with local street artist Johnny Robles for the fourth "Del Toro Artist Series" collaboration -- and the second in just a few short months. But this time, the limited edition shoes are having a lasting effect on the walls. Not only has Robles designed a women's slipper and a men's Chukka boot, but he's also designed and painted a mural at the local Del Toro store.

We caught up with Chevallard to talk the merging of art and fashion, being true to himself within his brand, and vintage appeal.

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New Times: What made you decide to collaborate with another local artist for a shoe?

Matthew Chevallard: It is part of our intent to form a cultural collective lifestyle. Arts and fashion forming that bond that allows us to cater our unique offerings and lifestyle to our community.

This will be your second street artist/shoe collaboration within a few months. Is this a sign of a new direction Del Toro is taking? Or just a happy coincidence?

It is our fourth series and we will continue to offer limited edition projects with local and international artists we share similar visions and aesthetics with.

Why redesign the Del Toro boutique?

Redesigning the boutique was making it more myself. I wanted to spruce it up a little bit and take it to the next level [by] having Johnny do a mural, installing Vintage cobalt Herman Miller couching, and draping vintage nautical and international flags from ceiling. Ultimately the store is more me and fits more of my vision that I want to offer.

What's next for Del Toro? Any other exciting collaborations in the works?

We always have projects in store that allow us to offer unique product and remain relevant and interesting. We continue to develop our luxury lifestyle and the response has been unbelievably encouraging.

The Macaw Camo slipper and chukka are available in limited editions of 20 each. For more information, visit

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