Deisgn Miami/ is Mathematically the Best

When my mother dropped me off at Boy Scout camping trips she always joked with the troop leaders that her idea of camping involved staying at the Ritz-Carlton. My mom would laugh at her own joke while the khaki-clad men smiled politely. This year's Design Miami/ inhabits a tent that might actually make my mom, or any Ritz habitue, change his or her mind about tent-living. Unlike the other fairs, almost every piece here is a mathematically refined object with specific function meant to adorn your home, ...or your eccentric rich aunt's home. Or my Mom's camping tent.

After the cut are some of the pieces that caught our eye during the preview yesterday. We also have a gallery from the fair here.

The tent is designed by Aranda/Lasch, which means they've cut their trademark cubic shapes into synthetic fabrics adorning the tent. It serves as a nice garnish, but isn't as spectacular as the work inside, including Aranda/Lash's own.

The space directly opposite the entrance is occupied by London's Albion gallery, who have the pleasure of featuring, amongst other designers, this year's chosen Designers of the Year, the Campana Brothers.

Their trademarked Sushi chairs are showcased, as well as their quirky loungers created by assembling stuffed animals.

The main isle of the tent showcases another Campana piece. One of their gloopy blobs of wicker, this one embedded with chunks of raw, purple quartz and an occasional seat.

The Ornamentum gallery features works by Ted Noten, whose work seems destined for a futuristic rap video. He's encased designer handbags, gold plated pistols, and even a rat with a diamond grill in Lucite. Kanye would flip his shit over it.

Johnson Trader's space features the work of tent designer Aranda/Lasch. Every piece here, unlike other fairs, must require a shit ton of math, and Aranda and/or Lasch must have some sort of math degree. It makes us kind of nervous thinking about the calculation behing a piece like this.

I would like to eat my cereal each morning atop these here tables. They are by Done Shoemaker, who obviously does not make shoes, but furniture. They're at Reform.

Cristina Grajales Inc dedicated their booth to the work of Sebastian Erranzuriz, who has some quirky pieces, like this headless duck lamp, and some quite nice ones, like the piano key shelving system, blow, which is bound to get ripped of by Z Gallary and the like.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder

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