Deepa’s Impact

Fear is an emotion so powerful it can ignite confrontation, hypercritical politics, domineering religion, and violence. Sounds like a perfect recipe for a cinematic trilogy. Filmmaker and Canadian resident Deepa Mehta holds her native India close to her heart. In the spirit of challenging tradition, she created the

“Elements” trilogy

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, and


– movies that explore, with love and candor, her homeland’s blind traditions and fears. Her first installment,


, reveals characters finding freedom through their inner desires. Her second in the series,


, is a love story embedded in still-simmering religious intolerance as seen through the eyes of a young Parsee girl. Her conclusion,


, finds hope among the outcasts in India’s traditional widow houses. Experience the “Elements” throughout August at the Miami Beach Cinematheque. Earth will be screened tonight at 8:30, and tickets cost ten dollars. Call 305-673-4567, or visit



Sat., Aug. 19

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