Debbie Harry, Glenn Close, and Designer Chris Benz Make Our Day at Fashion Week

Ever since we arrived at New York Fashion Week, we've been quite worried about this year's fall styles. From what we'd seen so far, it was shaping up to be a dark couple months. And dark colors and tropical heat just don't mix. How the hell are we supposed to rock black and Doc Martins in 90-degree weather? we worried.

Then we met designer extraordinaire Chris Benz, and our prayers were answered.

The man is barely 30, but he is a BFD in the fashion world. He went

to Parsons, worked for Marc Jacobs and frequently makes the pages of

Vogue.  He is known for his prints, his love of the

outrageous (just check out the lobster claws to the right), and his boyish good looks. He brought all of that and more to

his presentation at Lincoln Center. And lucky us -- we got the

chance to interview him. He is kind of to die for.

Cultist: God, thank you so much for using color in your fall collection.
Chris Benz: Oh, you're welcome darling. It's hard for me not to. But you're wearing all black now!

But it's New York! I thought it was a requirement.
Ah, I see.

All of your girls look so dolled up.
That was my inspiration for this line. I really wanted women to dress up again. We were watching all those great, old-school holiday specials, and I really just wanted to recreate that. I wanted it to be something you could put on, feel dressed up, and go to a party.

I see a lot of sequins.
Of course. I encourage you to wear them everywhere. Especially work.

Who is the Chris Benz girl?
She is a traveler. I was really inspired by Judy Garland and the idea of dressing up.

And then, we were interrupted. But we weren't upset. Because who was standing next to us pulling Mr. Benz away? Debbie Harry of Blondie.

Here are five things you need to know about Debbie Harry:
1. She is a tiny nugget.
2. She has, um, had some work done.
3. She is very, very nice.
4. Her and Chris Benz kissed on the lips. Twice.
5. She's humble. When we asked her how her fashion week is going, she replied, "Good. Look at me, though. I'm shocked they let me in here!" Um, you are Debbie Harry.

Then, as we were walking out and back to the subway for the long haul to Brooklyn, who do we see? The lovely Glenn Close, closely followed by a fabulous man entourage.

Fashion shows with a gaggle of gays? Glenn Close is living the dream.

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