Daryl Hannah's Arrest: When Actors Commit Too Much to Their Roles

Poor Daryl Hannah. Not only is her first name a boy's name,

but she just got arrested at an environmental White House protest. Cut her some

slack, guys. Clearly she's confused her real life with her life as a mermaid in

Ron Howard's 1984 film Splash and was just trying to save what she presumed was

her natural habitat.

Unfortunately, actors confusing their film roles with

their real life is a very serious affliction for many stars and often the

results are worse than Daryl Hannah's run in with the law. We've tracked down

some of the most notorious Hollywood role confusion.

5. Kevin Spacey Goes on Singing Tour as Bobby Darin

The most memorable Kevin Spacey performance in his career

may be his turn as crooner Bobby Darin in 2004's Beyond the Sea, especially if

we discount his performances in American Beauty and The Usual Suspects and L.A.

Confidential and frankly the majority of Spacey's filmography. But it was a

very important film for Kevin Spacey!

Spacey, as a lifelong fan of Darin's,

went to painstaking lengths to portray the singer's life "with respect," which

meant removing anything negative or controversial or anything that could me

misconstrued as interesting from the film. Not one to rest on his laurels,

Spacey decided to become Bobby Darin to promote the film, going on a country

wide tour where he sang the songs featured in the film. Commitment to his

craft, or just his way of covering up any similarities between him and his character

from Se7en?

4. Nic Cage Fixates on Elvis After Wild at Heart

The most eccentric part of Nic Cage, besides his chaos theory-based style of choosing film roles and an ever changing hairline?

Probably his love of the King, Elvis Presley. Not content in merely emulating

the style of Elvis in the David Lynch film Wild at Heart, Cage quickly broke

the bank in collecting Presley memorabilia, not stopping until he married

daughter Lisa Marie Presley in a whirlwind four-month romance. Cage's pop

culture fixation later shifted to Superman when he named his son Kal-El. But if

you ask us, he's just projecting his anger after not getting a role in 3000 Miles to


3. Dan Aykroyd Tries Busting Ghosts IRL

The mere mention of the '80s classic Ghostbusters conjures

up memories of Ecto Coolers and a catchy synth-heavy theme song that will not

leave your subconscious at any costs. The film is good enough that you almost

wish that ghosts were real so the gang could do some busting in real life.


guess what, reclusive Ghostbuster cast member and Saturday Night Live alum Dan

Aykroyd actually does believe in ghosts! A self-described spiritualist, Aykroyd

has made numerous appearances on Larry King Live describing his belief in

aliens and ghosts. He even incorporated his love of the paranormal into his own

brand of vodka, the promotional video having to tide us over until they finally

get their act together on Ghostbusters 3.

2. Russell Crowe Punches People On and Off Screen

It seems like there was a period of time where Russell Crowe

just couldn't help himself from getting in the occasional scrap, whether in an

Australian hotel in 1999 or a New York hotel in 2005 (come to think of it, it

sure seems like Crowe's aggression stems from hotels). This series of

altercations caused Crowe a great deal of issues with the police.

But maybe

they could have swept it under the rug if he just explained that he was getting

in character for 2005's Cinderella Man, where he played champion boxer James

Braddock. How is he expected to live up to his reputation as a method actor if

he can't take the occasional swing at someone who's pissing him off? It could

have been the difference between an Academy Award nomination!

1. Kate Hudson, Still a Groupie After Almost Famous

Who didn't fall in love with Kate Hudson for her performance

as Penny Lane, the mystifying groupie (sorry, Band-Aid) who toys with the

emotions of Cameron Crowe's 14-year-old Rolling Stone writer surrogate in

the autobiographical Almost Famous? Unfortunately Hudson did not follow her

character's motto of "never taking it seriously" in 2000 when she married the

Black Crowes frontman Christopher Robinson.

Though they eventually had a child

together, in 2006, Kate emulated another film of hers, How to Lose a Guy in Ten

Days, when they filled for divorce. She recently had a child with Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy, ensuring that her children will be able to start a

rock-n-roll super group to support her in her old age.

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