Art Basel Miami Beach

Daria Brit Shapiro on Scope, Art Takes Miami, and Karelle Levy

We recently spent an evening at the Standard with Daria Brit Shapiro, curator and director of a.m.f. project. We weren't just there to enjoy her charismatic company, but to get the inside scoop on her integral role with Scope Miami and Karelle Levy's KREL Wear. She also told us about her new gig with the 3rd Ward arts center in Williamsburg, New York.

This year, Scope has partnered with New York-based Artists Wanted and 3rd Ward to hold Art Takes Miami, an open international call to artists to submit any artistic creation they could conjure. The grand prize: a feature at Scope Miami, $10,000 cash ($5,000 to produce the Scope feature and $5,000 in the pocket), and all accommodations and publicity included.

Shapiro has been a key player in the building and execution of this

project. Her own staying power at Scope has been secured for the past

six years with her highly-regarded a.m.f. projects booth. This year,

Shapiro will show artists Jeremy Jeremy Earhart and Shelter Serra's

future-ready creations in her project 'Thatness and Thereness'.

It is Shapiro who orchestrated the opening of the art world door for Karelle Levy's KREL Wear, arguably Miami's most successful and chic fashion initiative. Garnering international attention for KREL's Quickie Couture

(which will, happily, be stitching away again this year at Scope),

Shapiro felt "it was time for Karelle to stand on her own. I had brought

her to Scope and she will have the invitation from here on out with the

fair. Now, I have my own work ahead of me."


an understatement. Shapiro has helped engineer, what is sure to be, an

unmissable night on this Thursday at Charcoal Studios. The

Night Event, (produced by Artists Wanted (an artist-founded platform for

artists based in Brooklyn), will be an exuberant presentation of

sculpture and sound by artists and DJs (including Federico Nessi AKA DJ Healer) from the New York-Miami nexus. Shapiro adds with a grin, "I love Freddy. Isn't he the cutest?"


great sadness, we learn that Shapiro is packing her bags to take a

position with the acclaimed 3rd Ward creative center in Williamsburg,

Brooklyn beginning in January. "My room is filled with boxes and my

schedule has been so insane with these past two weeks," she says, "on

December 17, I'm on my way north." So if the 305 wants one last, sweet

taste of Shapiro's innovative stylings, we best get a move on.

Art Takes Miami will be a special program at Scope Art Fair Miami 2010,

from Wednesday, December 1 through Sunday, December 5. The Night Event:

Produced by Artists Wanted is this Thursday from 7 p.m. to

5 a.m at Charcoal Studio (60 NW 22 St. Miami). It costs $10 at the door or it's free if you RSVP at

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Shana Mason