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Danielle Staub Gets Own Show. Will It Be Worse Than Jersey Shore?

We as a nation adore everything New Jersey. We love the people, their establishments, and and anything regarding the Garden State. And don't try to deny it: We all helped Mike "The Situation" make $5 million dollars this year.  And one thing we can't get enough of: New Jersey's housewives. Bravo's reality show, Real Housewives of New Jersey, is one of the most popular of the reality franchise. Those feisty ladies are the mothers we wish we had... well, not all of them.

Remember Danielle Staub?

Probably one of the most delusional people on the planet. She is the

only housewife to ever be fired from Bravo, and her crazy talk inspired cast-mate Caroline Manzo to call us with some legal threats. Well, Staub doesn't let two

sex tape releases or a pink slip get her down. The "singer" and mother

of two has got her own show in the works.

Social is about Danielle and her famous friend as they show her their luxurious lifestyle -- think the '80s hit Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Then, they attend a VIP event together and God, we can tell this shit is going to be quite the doozey.

Today, we got a little three-minute peak of the new show that will premiere early next year. It's only a teaser and we're already excited. Here are some highlights for us:

1. Prince Malik's Suit: Look at those fashions. Nothing says money like a larger-than-life checkered suit.
2. The Segway: We mean, again, nothing says "I'm not a douche" like hanging out with Danielle Staub, wearing your sunglasses the entire time, and riding around in your house on a segway.
3. Recording Studio: Keep Danielle away from the recording studio! "Real Close" anyone? That shit is horrific. Here, take a look for yourself:

4. Party Hopping: Who is allowing her to be Social, exactly? The Jersey Shore kids got booted from Manson nightclub during their stay here, but people are still allowing this mess at their events? Crazyness.
5. Famous Friends: They say the show is going to be based around Staub and her famous friends. Like who? We have to think money and really fucking crazy: LaToya Jackson, Charlie Sheen, or maybe fellow New Jersian Lindsay Lohan.

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