Dances With Horses: Cavalia Opens Tomorrow

Right now in Bicentennial Park, a bunch of French Canadians are putting the finishing touches on a 12-day process of erecting what is supposedly North America's largest tent. For what? Cavalia, the-Cirque du Soleil-meets-Mister Ed extravaganza that is easily the gayest thing involving horse faces since Sex and the City: The Movie

Created by one of Cirque du Soleil's cofounders, Cavalia mixes all the upsetting acrobatics and fancy costumes of those shows, except with dancing horses! Horses that dance! Larry King calls it "the greatest show I have ever seen," and because the man was around to see the original production of Oedipus Rex, that's saying something (though Riptide, obviously, cannot vouch for his taste). 

The event opens tomorrow, runs through January 30 every night except Monday (it's a holy day in the horses' religion), and will set you back anywhere from $34 to $180. If you want to save some scratch, this video is absolutely free. 

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