Dachshund Winterfest: Adorable Dogs and Their Stories of Puppy Love (Photos)

If there is any truth to the stereotypes about pet owners -- cat owners are loners, fish owners are naïve, turtle owners are hard-working and goal-oriented -- then Dachsund owners, at first blush, could easily be accused of being ostentatious and perhaps slightly oblivious.

But behind the pup and circumstance that was on full display at this year's Miami Beach Dachshund Winterfest, it quickly became apparent that as much as these owners believe that they are tending to their pets, their Dachsies may actually be taking care of them. Perhaps that is why the ancient Egyptians couldn't live without their furry friends, or, as it turns out, not live without them (many of them were buried with their beloved Dachsies).

Clearly, Dachsund owners are themselves different breed. We asked Dach lovers to tell us their own stories of puppy love -- and the answers ranged from the aww-inspiring ("my dog helped me through cancer") to the bizarre ("I can't leave my wife, because she'll keep the dog").

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