Current Stage Shows

Merm and Me: The nomadic EDGE theatre, now encamped in Miami Lakes, presents Jim Tommaney's autobiographical play about his complicated, confusing relationship with Broadway star Ethel Merman. The play, which tracks four friends of Merman in 1985 who conjure up her spirit one year after her death, is a stra nge marriage between some moving emotional moments matched with some truly awful narrative choices. Much of the dialogue comes across like a biographical talkathon and Tommaney's direction is listless. Fortunately, the acting company brings spirit and wit to the proceedings especially Lori Dolan in a fine performance as Ethel. -- Ronald Mangravite Through January 23. Main Street Playhouse, 6766 Main St, Miami Lakes; 786-355-0976.

Ice Glen: Joan Ackermann's world premiere takes place at a Berkshires estate in 1918. A lonely widow and her household staff are visited by a proper Boston editor who has happened on the writings of the widow's gardener, a barefoot poetess whose vivid verse entrances the editor, who in turn entrances the widow. Ackermann's evocative language and the Edenic rural setting offer plenty of mood, and the romantic triangle has the potential for dramatic fireworks, but the result is something less than sizzling. Michael Bigelow Dixon's uninspired production doesn't help. -- Ronald Mangravite Through January 16. Florida Stage, 262 S. Ocean Blvd., Manalapan; 800-514-3837.

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