Current Art Shows

Adhesive 44: Fulfilling art writer John Berger's prediction that museums will ultimately disappear and be replaced by personal arrangements of reproductions and printed ephemera, Brazilian artist Jac Leirner unpacks her decalcomania at the Miami Art Museum. Composed of hundreds of stickers adhered to two rows of window panes and extending some 40 feet, Adhesive 44 exposes a universe of archetypal images that flicker in the mind's eye like constellations. This work speaks to the obsession with brands and logos by which humans organize themselves into groups and tribes. -- Michelle Weinberg Through October 10. Miami Art Museum, 100 W Flagler St. 305-375-3000.

All You Can Eat: The works here tend to blind with their glittery, luxe surfaces, but featured artists Sue Irion, Gavin Perry, and Mette Tommerup aren't really engaged in an activation of surfaces in a traditional manner. Sporting glossy, protective coatings that function as barriers or prophylactics preventing infection, the works speak to unattainable fulfillment of desire. Perry's paintings and constructions provide the most expressionist surfaces as well as the most robust titles -- poetic, with lots of action verbs. Mette Tommerup's Orb Passages series of circular Lambda prints neatly cup the eye of the viewer and draw attention to their depths, revealing distant, transcendent events occurring deep within their recesses, hopelessly hermetic. -- Michelle Weinberg Through September 5. Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, 1650 Harrison St., Hollywood. 954-921-3274.

Two Views: The logo rules! We're used to late capitalism's distinctive images of consumption, but we don't notice that we too are increasingly becoming codified -- and that's the whole point. What happens when life itself is standardized? Using photo collage and symbol instructions, Arnaldo Simón's work in this studio show invites a reflection on how we perceive our actions and identity in a world increasingly design-homogeneous. Also on display among the nine resident artists of this new collective is photographer Pedro Portal's installation in which the female body, water, blue, and sky all go together. Introverted and sensual images they are. Portal is ready for more overt unleashing of the female body. Look for this line, wrapped around a chest on the floor: "Whenever you go to the sea, I'll tell you a secret." -- Alfredo Triff Through September 20. 801 ART STUDIOS, 801 SW Third Ave., Miami. By appointment at 786-314-5443.

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