Crazy, Haughty Frenchman Sends Us Our Best Letter Ever

Last November,

we reported

about the many angry creditors of a French-born charter-plane businessman named Mickael Cohen, who was accused of jilting everybody from Jay-Z to a Lamborghini dealer.

Then the Miami Herald ran a similar piece, and in March, Cohen emailed us with the jubilant news that a French "criminal court" had awarded him $2.066 million in damages from the Herald.

Shockingly, though, editors at the daily said they hadn't heard anything about any French court case.

Our theory: Cohen was trying to scare us into removing our stories about him. That's how dumb this guy is.

So after casting our reasoned aspersions on his lawsuit claim with another blog post, we recently received what might be our favorite irate email from anybody ever:

Dear Gus,

Thank you so much for your new article, you are the most stupid guy I saw in my life, make a new article, before that I cannot litigate against your news paper because the law in France, we can only make a prosecution only in the 3 months after the date of the article, so the first one it was to late, but now with this one it's perfect.

Thank you very much knucklehead


Mickael, you are a 12-year-old boy in a grown-man costume, and we think that if France wants Manuel Noriega, it should be forced to take you back too, in a craptastic package deal for the ages.

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