Could Miami Connection, Drafthouse Films' '80s Ninja Restoration, Win an Oscar? (Video)

Ever since we heard about Miami Connection, the 1980s B-movie featuring ninjas and rock bands in Florida, we've been obsessed with its so-bad-it's-good acting, it's so-fake-it's-hilarious special effects, and perhaps most importantly, its so-cheesy-it'll-be-stuck-in-your-head-for-weeks soundtrack.

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Wired magazine recently made the case that Miami Connection isn't just ironically enjoyable -- it's a genuinely great film. But is it great enough for an Oscar nod? That's what Drafthouse Films seems to be hoping.

The distributor is running a series of ads like the one above in film industry publications, according to sites HitFix.com, FilmSchoolRejects, and SlashFilm, asking Oscar voters to consider voting for the film in categories like Best Original Song and Best Supporting Actor.

It's just a creative advertising stunt, right? Probably. But here's the thing: an Oscar win for Miami Connection is technically possible. Yes, Miami Connection is from the 1980s, which might seem to prevent it from Oscar nomination in 2013. But the official Academy rules state that a film must open in Los Angeles between January 1 and Dec. 31 of the previous calendar year to be eligible. Plenty of movies have been delayed a year or two due to the rule; 2010's Best Picture winner The Hurt Locker, for example, first opened in 2008, but had to wait a year because it didn't play in L.A. until 2009.

Miami Connection will open in Los Angeles on November 9, so it could technically be eligible for nomination.

We're not sure about any awards in the acting categories. Performances this raw are unlikely to connect with the Academy's stodgy voters:

No, our money's on Best Original Song. "Friends" is, after all, a very special anthem:

Hey, it's a hell of a lot more entertaining than anything Randy Newman's ever done.

Miami Connection is due to open at O Cinema in mid-November.

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