Cosplay and Free Vodka at Fable Streams Video Game Goddess Auditions

Gaming may traditionally be a boy's club, but nerdy-hot gamer chicks now have the chance to represent the double X chromosome and shoot for recreational immortality as the star of a sexy new role playing game.

This Saturday, aspiring actresses can get their audition (and their party) on for Genesys, a new role playing game (RPG) concept by Fable Streams. South Beach's Q Lounge is hosting this casting shindig, featuring free vodka cocktails till 1 a.m. (for ladies) and the sounds of DJ Pirate Stereo. They're looking for women to act as the real-life versions of the illustrated characters in the game. (Think Disney actors, but simultaneously nerdier and more pervy.)

The event might sound like some '80s movie geek scheme to collect sexy, dweeb-sympathetic women in one place and ply them with alcohol. (Proposed title: Weird Science 2: Miami Boogaloo.) But we have it on good authority that these auditions are legit. So if you really are a sexy, dweeb-sympathetic woman who's into cosplay and sword-wielding, this gig's for you.

According to founder Juan Artigas, Genesys is set "in a world

beyond Creation, where there's evil lurking around every corner." Scary.

The game is what's known as a table top game, meaning participants play

in the same room with two to six other players.


the game involves Nine Houses, each of which has its own philosophy and

focus. The "Fates" are timeless beings who influence events in other

worlds, and the Nine offer representatives to weigh in on said


Sounds intense, yo.


first step for any chick looking to throw her magic wand into the ring

is to know the characters. Here's the rundown on the houses and their


Courtesy of Fable Streams.
Book smart? Yes. Style smart? Not so much.

House of Lore: Veda - knowledge and recording information.

House of Peace : Aniela - harmony and peaceful solutions.

House of Tradition: Vlastine - protocol and customs.

House of Strength: Tyr'a - power and might.

Courtesy of Fable Streams.
If you have long, flowing blue hair, you're practically a shoo-in for Dione.

House of Beneficence: Dione - mediation and making sure everyone gets along.

House of Perfection: Krystal - symmetry and order.

House of Meaning: Adhara - philosophy and reflection.

House of Pleasure: Kalea - happiness and joy.

House of Victory: Li - competition and winning.


nine chosen ones will receive a whole host of benefits along with their

one-year contract, including all-expenses paid travel to represent the game, a

session with a stylist, and the chance to lead adoring Poindexters on "quests" at events like DragonCon and Gen Con.

Saturday's party runs from 11 a.m. to 5 a.m., but the casting (and the free cocktails) end at 1 a.m., so be punctual.


for all the wannabe avatars out there, Artigas offers these words of

advice: "We want to challenge stereotypes and empower female gamers,

which we feel are both underrepresented and overlooked in the gaming

industry. The best advice I could give is be yourself, identify with one

of the nine personalities, and own it."

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