​Yes, friends, the eco-friendly fashionistas of the world finally have their first compostable swimsuit. This is something you wear in water that breaks down naturally and feeds worms, and possibly make fish bellies grumble. Is it possible to think of something nuttier? Nair shampoo? Turns out, the beachwear isn't such a bad idea. 

Compostable Swimsuits and Other Things That Don't Make Sense But Do

The sexy suits are made out of plant starch and the designer, Luxury Eco's Linda Loudermilk, says it will decompose completely within 180 days under soil. The two suits first appeared this past swim week on the Haute Natured runway at the Setai Hotel next to a variety of other eco-friendly getups made of wood pulp, hemp, and bamboo. We put together a list of other things that seem to make no sense, but kind of do. 
8. Grass-scented perfume
Remember when they started selling Demeter perfumes at Sephora and it was like, Do I really want to smell like dirt? The answer is yes, you do. You may be allergic to grass, but it's smell can be a little addictive. 

7. Tinted SPF
If you hit up Swim Week recently, you definitely came home with a sparkly self tanner, which is weird, but sunblock that's tinted makes sense. You want to look brown without being brown, right?

6. Spanks
You'd think something that sucks you in and chafes would be a wardrobe no no, but Spanks, they work. People love 'em. 

5. Ryan Reynolds
Every notice how hot Ryan Reynolds is? He's got the body of adonis and the face of the guy next door. It's like a little confusing that cute face with the beefy body. He looks photoshopped, but who cares, he's so dreamy. 

4. Animal poop coffee
If you like fancy drinks you might have heard of Kopi Luwak coffee. It's the super expensive drink that comes from Indonesia and out of the digestive tract of luwaks. These little feline-rodent types eat coffee beans, poop 'em out, and they taste great. Who knew?!

3. Adderall and Ritalin 
Speed that keeps hyperactive folks under control. Mind blowing! 

2. British Royalty

They're sort of useless and they suck up tax payers money, but they're freaking awesome. How can you not totally be interested in the Windsors? They're so quirky and overdressed. Sometimes it's nice to keep a tradition, even when it serves no purpose other than entertainment. 

1. Turbans
You might think, isn't it like a petri dish under there? The turban may look like a hot oven on the head on a steamy day, but they actually are designed to keep the wearer cool. Isn't that cool?!

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