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Comedy Quick Fix: Steve Martin Tweets and Grown-Up Ninja Turtles

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It'll cure what aills ya'!

Everybody wants to be on the cutting edge of what's funny. He or she with the best viral video is the cock of the walk of their particular domicile. But what about those who don't have the time or under demanding desk job that affords the opportunity to scour the Internet for the cream of the crop of humor? What if you were to waste your valuable procrastination time on something that's, heaven forbid, not funny?

As a public service, we here at Cultist offer the best of what comedy the Internet has to offer in an easy to digestible format. Witness the twitter comeback of Mr. Steve Martin, the dry wit of Tig Notaro, aged ninja turtles, and an absurdist cooking show. 

1. Steve Martin's Twitter Feed
It always causes a moment of apprehension when someone of, ahem, advanced age decides to hop aboard a technological trend. Such was the worry when Steve Martin joined Twitter. Would this be the Steve Martin that induced laughing fits in The Jerk and Three Amigos, or would it be the Steve Martin looking for a quick payday in Cheaper By The Dozen and Bringing Down The House. Any doubts were immediately proven unfounded as Martin showed an immediate understanding of how the medium can be utilized for comedy. Observe:

"Have just been pulled over by cop. He wants to know why there are monkey paw prints on car. Asks me to remove paper sack."

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Because of frozen Botox face, my expression does not match my driver's license photo and I am arrested.

Handcuffs force me to Tweet with nose. Kindly cop holds phone to face. K-9 corps dog smells monkeys, attacks.

Am held in non-celebrity section of jail. The cappuccino is cold. No one recognizes me. Other inmates think my impression of myself is bad."

2. Comedian Tig Notaro
Tig Notaro is best known for playing Officer Tig on the recently canceled Sarah Silverman Program and as Joan Jett's mother in the motion picture The Runaways. Notaro is also a 12-year veteran of the stand-up comedy scene. Using her dry, deadpan delivery reminiscent of Todd Barry, Tig has earned acclaims and accolades, even opening for Jens Lenkman on a recent European tour. Her debut album, where she talks her androgyny and artificial insemination, is expected to drop within the year, but until then, whet your appetite with the below:

3. Web-series: Twenty-Something Ninja Turtles

Have you been finding yourself in a post-graduate malaise, wondering how you're ever going to put that philosophy degree to good use in these tough economic conditions? Chicago-based sketch group Big Dog Eat Child puts forth the theory that you aren't alone and even the beloved Ninja Turtles are having a tough time paying the bills when fighting for pizza in the sewer no longer cuts it. The episodes are short, punchy, and hysterical, covering the gamut of twenty-something problems including awkward reunions, studying for your doctorate, and whether unemployment is a "plan."

Video below:

4. TV Show: Food Party

Tired of the formulaic nature of the cooking shows that populate the Food Network and PBS, artist Thu Tran created a surreal take on the genre that owes more to Pee Wee Herman that to Rachel Ray. Food Party features Tran cooking bizarre meals such as chicken wing wedding cakes. Keeping up with Thu's recipes may prove difficult as she rarely if ever, shows precise ingredients or cooking instructions. Instead Tran gallivants around in her multicolored cardboard kitchen with her eclectic cast of friends including a very French baguette, a peanut butter sandwich, and the Devil. Food Party recently wrapped its second season on the IFC Network, but reruns are still airing. You can watch the pilot of the show here:

5. Blog: Wondertonic
Writer Mike Lacher has created something truly unique with his tumblr account. As opposed to just writing up pithy blog posts Lacher chooses to combine his bizarre sense of humor with web programming skills. The result parodies web 2.0 culture with interactive posts as the Film School Thesis Generator, Forget Your Password?: The Game, Mark Twain Quote or Iron Maiden Album?, and Resort To Canibalism: The Game.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.