Comedian Sheryl Underwood Talks Divorce, Dates, and Why Dubya Is Her Man

Rolling with the big boys -- there are a few ladies who not only do it, but do it well. Meet Sheryl Underwood. She's kind of a BFD (big fucking deal) in the comedy world. No, she's not Chelsea Handler or Kathy Griffin, but she's on her way. Originally breaking onto the scene as the first female finalist in the Miller Lite Comedy Search in '89, Underwood won BET's Funniest Female Comedian on Comic View. Now you can find her as a regular on the syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show; hosting her own Sirius XM program, The Sheryl Underwood Show; and doing stand-up at the Miami Improv this very weekend. Expect her to dish on George W. Bush: why he's "her man" and the many reasons she would get cozy with Dubya.

See the jump for a couple of videos and an interview about funny stuff and sexy presidents.

New Times: Who exactly is Sheryl Underwood?

Sheryl Underwood: I have two sides to my personality: the mischievous side that comes out at during my night club comedy and then there is the more reserved quiet side. You're talking to both of them.

What side comes out more?

The nightclub side only comes out in the nightclub. It's like when I'm out having drinks with my girlfriends or celebrating at a divorce party, that's my nightclub side. It's pure fun, drinking lemon drops and cosmos and picking up guys. Every day president of my international sorority or helping children in Haiti is also in there. But they both benefit each other.

What side are people coming out to your shows this weekend going to get?

The wild, crazy fun side, but also tons of discussion about current events. I know I am an African American woman who happens to be a Republican, but I have a lot diversity in my audience and I know that my audience will learn about me and a certain part of my culture. So whatever points of you have, bring them to the show!

So you're pretty much just one of the girls?

I am the wild crazy girlfriend that's gonna tell you, "Girl, forget him he's crazy!" Or, "Go talk to that brotha! He's handsome!" I'm the girlfriend that guys go, "Your girlfriend is a funny chick." But I definitely think I am pretty male-directed.

Male-directed, huh? Does that mean your shows get a little naughty?

A large part of act is about relationships. Sometimes my act gets a little graphic. But it's something that men leave my show going, "Sheryl, I wish my girlfriend were here! I wish my wife were here!" I am very happy with my personal relationships and ladies need to know what I have learned about men. It's graphic and fun. All the time the ladies in my audience with grey hair are nodding, going, "Girl, I have been doing that since the '50s." There is something for everyone in the show. You get to know me!

You're a Republican and have openly stated that George W. Bush is your man. No one else seems to like him. What's up?

I am probably one of the only people who still loves him and really respects that he hasn't talked about the other president, because he understands what he is going through. People voted him in and now we have to deal with it. There is a lot of crazy stuff going on in politics- craziness in Florida. Illegal immigration ... Now they're trying to change the 14th Amendment. Black people need to be like, "You wanna do what?"

What do you think Bush has to say about the oil spill?

You know, he is living his life, looking at the oil spill and so glad that didn't happen when he was president. You know he is like, "Well, that's a shame!" He is a fun guy, I bet he is just golfing, sleeping in late, enjoying his life as a private citizen.

Wasn't he doing that before when he was president?

Hahaha. Yes, we all know that's exactly what he was doing in the White House.

You're from Little Rock, Arkansas. What about silver fox President Clinton?

Clinton looked pretty great at Chelsea's wedding! I'm sure he was out there picking up bridesmaids! He's gorgeous -- lost all that weight. I might not agree with his politics, but that is a good-looking man!

Sheryl Underwood. Miami Improv, 3390 Mary St., Coconut Grove. She'll take the stage at 8:30 and 10:45 p.m. this Friday and 8, 10, and 11:59 p.m. Saturday. Tickets cost $25, and there's a two-drink minimum. Call 305-441-8200 or visit miamiimprov.com.

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