Comedian Ian Bagg on Meeting Presidents and Sucking Balls

Ian Bagg has performed stand-up comedy for terminal cancer patients, for troops in Afghanistan, and for audiences in far-flung places such as South Africa, China, and Dubai. He has been interviewed by the History Channel for a special on the history of the joke, and he's known to fly 100,000 miles per year.

But more people are likely to know Bagg -- who performs this Thursday through Sunday at the Miami Improv -- from a faux game show called Suck My Balls. At the La Brea Improv in 2009, Bagg invited two audience members onto the stage, where they stood next to a table, on which sat a bowl of gumballs. He asked trivia questions, and the contestants had to buzz in by saying, "Let me suck your balls, Ian." It was a one-off comic riff, not a Bagg staple by any means. But it went viral, earning nearly 18,000 hits on YouTube.

"It was something we tried once, and it's amazing how many people absolutely love Suck My Balls," Bagg says. "They think it should really be a game show. And it's not even about being dirty. It's about getting as many gumballs into your mouth at one time."

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John Thomason