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Classic Films Showing in Miami in September

As summer comes to a close and we slip into fall, September hits us with a cool bundle of classic films that provides a variety of things to check out over the upcoming weeks. Here’s what to look forward to.

Coral Gables Art Cinema

Gables Cinema’s After Hours program continues with four films this month, each screening Saturday nights as usual: Kill Bill Vol. 1 September 3, Annie Hall September 10, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou September 17, and Time Bandits September 24. Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow-Up will receive a 50th-anniversary screening Tuesday, September 6. All of the above screenings will be shown on 35mm. Studio Ghibli’s From Up on Poppy Hill will show as part of Family Day on Aragon both Saturday, September 10, and Sunday, September 11.

One of the coolest upcoming screenings is a massive event spread over a week: a screening of every single hour of Krzysztof Kieslowski’s ten-part series The Dekalog, accompanied by the two feature-length films that spawned from two of the episodes. Each piece is about an hour long, and Gables Cinema will show them in pairs: Parts I and II on September 16, Parts III and IV on September 17, Parts V and VI on September 18, Parts VII and VIII on September 19, and Parts IX and X on September 20. The resulting films — A Short Film About Killing and A Short Film About Love — will screen September 21 and 22, respectively.

O Cinema

O Cinema splits its classics over two of its venues, with a few showing at Wynwood and more at Miami Beach. At Wynwood, Popcorn Nights will be having a screening of Richard Lester’s Superman II for its 35th Anniversary on Sept. 13; later that month, the horror fest, Popcorn Frights, will showcase the new restoration of Don Coscarelli’s classic Phantasm on Sept. 24.

Over at the beach, Secret Celluloid Society continues dishing out the 35mm screenings on Saturday nights with a cool mix of classics: Dario Argento’s masterpiece Suspiria on Sept. 3; Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom on Sept. 10; The Birdcage on Sept. 17; and El Topo on Sept. 24.

Miami Beach Cinematheque

MB Cinema has a few screenings coming up this month, two of which are in partnership with different organizations. The first comes this Saturday, September 3, with the International Ballet Festival presenting Wim Wenders’ dance documentary Pina in 3D. From the 23rd to the 29th, the cinema will show the new 4K restoration of René Laloux’s The Fantastic Planet.

September 17 will mark the world premiere of the dual-screen reconstruction of Vincente Minnelli’s The Clock, presented by Obsolete Media Miami. Curator Bruce Posner will appear in person, and film historian David Thomson will speak via Skype. Rather than showcase the film in its original form, a 16mm print was split into equal halves, with one side playing forward and one playing backward at the same time side-by-side. The newly restored version produced by Posner will be showcased.

Olympia Theater

Obsolete Media Miami has a second big event this month, this time at the Olympia. Micro/Macro Cinema, which will receive three free screenings during next weekend's DWNTWN Art Days, is a special 16mm presentation that brings a small art-house environment onstage at the Olympia. OMM’s Barron Sherer curated the program, which features rare works on film, including Impossible Convicts, Rose Hobart, Shot/Countershot, Runaway, Road Film, Alone, Life Wastes Andy Hardy, and Cartoon Le Mousse. All of those films will show September 10 and 11, but the screening on the 9th will not feature Impossible Convicts or Rose Hobart
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Juan Antonio Barquin is a Miami-based writer who programs the queer film series Flaming Classics and serves as co-editor of Dim the House Lights. Barquin aspires to be Bridget Jones.