Churchill's Pub Launches "Girly Night" to Be "More Friendly to Girl Groups"

Churchill's Pub is known for its testosterone fueled festivities. From Jazz Jam on Mondays to Bike Night on Thursdays, most of its events cater to the scruffier sex. So it's surprising that owner David Daniels wants to make Wednesdays the venue's weekly "Girly Night."

"I'd like to see the pub be more friendly to girl groups," Daniels explains.

This Wednesday, Churchill's Pub presents a lineup of female led bands, burlesque performers, and other estrogen infused acts.

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The success of the pub's other female-oriented Wednesday night events, such as its recent bartender Jell-O wrestling event, led to the owner's decision. (While you might think of jell-o wrestling as an event created for men, Churchill's version was launched by its female bartenders and popular with women audience members.)

According to Daniels, Wednesday has always been the night for feminine acts at the pub. And the 34 year-old establishment has a history of supporting lesbians and female musicians. Last May, Aqua Girl hosted Aqua Rock, a benefit concert for non-profit LBT organization Aqua Foundation. The concert, also held on a Wednesday night, was headlined by female-friendly acts. Killmama, a duo consisting of Sophie Sputnik on drums/vocals and Rob Kingsely on guitar, provided their punk-rock anthems for the cause.

Similarly, Churchill's female jello-wrestling events were initiated almost ten years ago by lesbian bartenders who wanted to grapple in jello in the nude. They rehearsed the acts, choreographing moments when they would loose pieces of clothing. As a regular part of the routine, a male audience member was offered a chance to wrestle one of the girls. But, when he jumped in the Jell-O filled inflatable tub, all the wrestlers jumped on him and stripped him down to his birthday suit. The reversal of roles provided the crowd with a comedic surprise.

Although the days of naked lesbian jello-wrestling are long gone, partly due to restrictive city regulations, the pub still prides itself on supporting LBT minorities, however they can. This Wednesday night, Churchill's welcomes two of the best female-oriented bands in South Florida: Killmama and Shangri-La. Along with the girl bands, Sophia Luna of Shameless Burlesque will perform. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m. The cover is $5 and the show is ages 18 and over. Visit churchillspub.com.

-- Monica Torres

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