Churchill's Down Your Spine

Last year, during England’s under-appreciated holiday, National Pancake Day, we woke up drunk in the parking lot of Churchill’s Pub. We went inside and had an awesome flapjack breakfast even though it was afternoon. This year, we’re doing it again, but we’re going to use Guinness instead of maple syrup. Hey, Churchill’s is a sort of English pub, and we’re sort of traditional drinkers. On Tuesday, Churchill’s will celebrate Mardi Gras as well as National Pancake Day with bands Siamese Blu and Lavola. The big festival may kick off in New Orleans, but we’re sure as hell not missing the opportunity to celebrate it in Miami. Outside, you’ll hear the familiar sounds of Kreyol, while inside beads will fly as another drunk idiot screams, “Show us your tits!” at a group of girls. He’ll then lift his shirt and get beaned in the head with a brightly colored necklace, five empty cups, and a full can of beer. No one will hear his screams, however, because the bands will be rocking out and a raucous crowd of revelers will be singing along to every word. Expect a musical environment you’ll only find in Little Haiti’s longest-running music venue, a Miami institution more important than any stupid holiday in Louisiana or jolly ole England.
Tue., March 8, 12 & 9 p.m., 2011
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Jacob Katel
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