Christo's Latest Fabric Art Stymied by Protesters

If there's one silver lining to this whole BP oil spill, it's that the world's attention has been focused on the health and well being of our oceans. But remember when Frenchie artist Christo insisted on wrapping our Biscayne Bay islands in Pepto-pink, polypropylene fabric? Titled, "Surrounded  Islands," this 1983 public art installation required 10 permits from government agencies and seven public hearings. In order to keep nesting ospreys and grazing manatees safe from the rose-colored blanket of death, wildlife rescue teams were on constant patrol.

Well, Christo is at it again, and the citizens at his new site aren't happy that he's trying to suffocate their landscape in fabric either. For his new project, "Over the River," he wants to suspend 42 miles of textile over Colorado's Arkansas River. In response, critics have founded the site, "Rags Over the Arkansas River," or ROAR, to protest the project, which they believe will endanger the bighorn sheep that roam the canyon as well as jam up local roads with New York art snobs.

Colorado's Bureau of Land Management has issued an environmental impact

statement that requires that the installation to be significantly pared down.

Ever the irksome artist, Christo tried to convince the New York Times

that working under such environmental restrictions was part of his

artistic vision.

We found a video that ROAR might find useful in

rallying support. It documents how our islands were

swaddled in pink and made to look like creepy, futuristic haz-mat


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