Chippendales Strippers Back at Mansion Due To Popular Demand

If you're one of the many women that attended one of the sold out Chippendales shows during their limited engagement with Mansion Nightclub, you've probably gone back to reading Fifty Shades of Grey for the fifth 50th time to grieve. But you'll want to finish the book before February 20th, when Chippendales jerks up again (pun intended) through March 22nd.

Pat yourselves on the back, ladies, because the Chippendales boys are back by popular demand.

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Three weeks apparently weren't enough for all the titillated women in Miami to get their fix.

"Miami beach has been very good to us," says Chippendales Managing Partner Kevin Denberg. "Chippendales quickly became a go-to destination for a girls' night out in South Beach." As a reward, we get five additional weeks of the Chippendales boys who promise to come up with more inventive ways to get naked.

There's no official word yet on whether the cast will stay the same, although Jackie Richie, Marketing Manager for Guerra (the group responsible for going to Vegas and convincing the boys they need to be in Miami) tells us the new show will be filled with "stimulating surprises" and "fresh meat." She was tasked with the difficult job of showing the guys around the Magic City during their visit.

"Can you imagine walking through Lincoln Road Mall with the cast? I couldn't either! Every footstep is accompanied by ladies asking for a picture," says Richie, who was sad to lose her newest friends at the end of their arrangement. "I had a knot in my throat when they left. Not only were they breathtakingly gorgeous men, but they were lovable and charismatic."

The usual tables at Mansion have turned -- men are the center of attention and women are readily pulling out their credit cards just to get a peek.

"Mansion has not been the same since Chippendale's opened earlier this year... even male club goers are taking notice and arriving earlier to mingle with the women as they are let out of the show," says Opium group spokesperson Vanessa Menkes. Ladies attending the show get to stay and party at Mansion for no additional charge. Guys still have to pay to enter (unless you know a promoter, bro), and with all the women already inside, they too are more willing to pop bottles.

"The great thing about this show is that it appeals to all types of women," says Jackie Richie - and she's right. On my visit, I saw 21-year old girls celebrating their entry to the club and grandma's decked out in sneakers for extreme comfort. "Tacones? No mi hija." You go on with yo' bad-self, granny. Even more surprising was to see them thoroughly enjoying the show. Hint-hint: if grandma's birthday is coming up and you don't know just how to say "happy 80th," some blonde stallion fighting with sheets on a bed for no apparent reason besides being totally nude will surely do a better job than you can. And, it'll be a great bonding experience. Grandma won't ever forget it.

Don't miss out a second time, ladies (and some of you, gentlemen). Performances will begin at 9 p.m. promptly every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, starting February 20th through March 22. Too bad they didn't make it a week earlier and debut their second run for Valentine's Day weekend. Something tells us bitches would have gone cray for a chance to get picked out of the audience and tied up in a velvet enclosed booth for a Fifty Shades of Grey skit. Oh well, that's what you have the book for.

Ticket for Chippendale's range from $49.95-$99.95 and are available at Chippendales.wantickets.com

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