Hey honey, let's you and me do something about that endangered status

Check Out These Species Before They Vanish

It’s animal month at the Miami Children’s Museum, and it’s about time that you learned that bears don’t eat out of dripping jars of honey, not all lions are cowardly, and leopards are good for more than those cheesy boots you love.

To your ignorant rescue comes the uber-informative Vanishing Species, a group born just to educate idiots just like you – er, us – about the importance of wildlife in our fragile ecosystem. The VS folks will be on hand to help you unlock the mysteries of the animal kingdom while you learn about conservation and other environmental stuff. It starts at 4:00 p.m. Saturday so bring the kids, bring yourself, bring your mom, just come hear the truth from the pros. Museum members and kids under 12 months are free; nonmember adults and kids are $10, but if you’re a Miami resident you get 50% off. A small price to pay for a little animalistic edumacation. --Raina McLeod

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