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Cheaterville Founder Says Repeat Cheaters Are Selfish and AshleyMadison Is Moronic

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New Times: True or false: Your website is the reason Jesse James and Kat Von D called it quits once again, correct?
James McGibney: Basically a woman from Austin posted information on our site last Saturday with proof like texts and emails from Jesse. She wanted to remain anonymous and was able to with us. Right after that happened, Kat Von D dumped him again, and we were the source. It was kind of nuts that we were the source and not TMZ.

So staying faithful is not Jesse James's forte?
Yes. People like him are the reason we started People that are habitual cheaters and ruin life after life, family after family. It wasn't started for celebrities, but it goes to show you that they are human too.

Why did you create this site?
I am a former Marine and I was on a overseas deployment, and when we came home, one of my Marine buddies found out his wife had been cheating on him the entire time he had been away. I just thought to myself, I wish there was a site where you could out people and make sure other people know that they are a liar. That was the premise of the site, and it just kind of blew up since there.

A little different from your days in the military.
(Laughs) Oh, yeah. It's nice not having people yell at you every five minutes to do pushups and getting shot at. Although, I can imagine one day there is going to be an angry husband that takes a shot at me. But at least I will be ready for it.

Have you ever been cheated on?
I have cheated and been cheated on -- I have been on both sides of the fence. When I cheated, it was a long time ago -- I just didn't really care about the feelings I was hurting or the families I was destroying. Looking back, it was such a selfish act. It sounds so cliché, but it really did make me a better man and a better person. I never did it again.

What does your wife think of the site?
She loves it. Her friends love it. Really, people who don't cheat love They love it and support it. It's the cheaters who hate it. When I first created it, all my Marine buddies were like, "You are such a cock block." But the fact is, 81 percent of the cheaters on our site are women. Out of that, 40 percent are women outing other women. When a woman outs another woman, it's like a CSI crime scene. It is so detailed.

Kinda like, don't mess with a woman scorned?
It also proves that women are smarter than men. You are absolutely right. A man just gets pissed off and says she is a whore. When a woman is cheated on, it's methodical.

What are your thoughts about creator, Noel Biderman?
I know him, actually. I will say that he is an entrepreneur and he's very smart. But wait -- he is married with kids. So if you are going to support something and believe it, he himself can't be married and then say, "Well, this site is for people who are married and want to spice up their life." It just doesn't make sense to me personally. It's a little moronic.

He believes that everyone in this world cheats. Do you agree?
I have been married for years and, no, I don't think that is true. I think there are good people in this world; maybe I am naive. is kind of an insult to a big population to a majority of the United States. Not that I would cheat, but I wouldn't because of; I wouldn't want to be seen by millions of people. People cheat because they are selfish. After seeing a ton of posts on our site, you start to see a theme. With men, they seem to be looking for something new and forget about what is most important.

I believe if you don't believe in marriage, don't get married. If you want to cheat, get a divorce. Noel, from, believes cheating is keeping your marriage alive. I believe he is justifying cheating.

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