Celluloid City: Blood and Wine Filmed at Jimbo's Place, Coral Gables, and Little Havana

Florida was America's film capital until the Puritanical residents of Jacksonville ran those industry heathens out to California in the 1920s. But Miami knows how to treat those denizens of debauchery, which is why they keep coming back to Miami to film movies. In Celluloid City, we spotlight some of the classics shot right in our own backyards. 

Picture a movie starring Jack Nicholson and Michael Caine, then round out the cast with Jennifer Lopez, Stephen Dorff, and Judy Davis. All star in Blood and Wine, a 1996 neo-noir thriller set in the Magic City. The script involves jewelry theft, sex, betrayal, adultery, and characters arbitrarily smashing inanimate objects. But you've likely never heard of it, right? Here's why.

Here's the trailer:

This heist flick didn't receive the promotion it deserved. It even

became an entry in Ebertfest, Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival.

Blood and Wine wasn't

nominated for a single award, unless you count seashells. Michael Caine

won the Silver Seashell Award from the San Sebasti

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