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Celluloid City: Any Given Sunday Filmed in Miami Beach, Vizcaya, and Homestead

Over the years, Miami has served as the backdrop for hundreds of Hollywood movies. In Celluloid City, we spotlight some of the classics shot right in our own backyard.

In 1999, Oliver Stone went on a road trip chewing on 'shrooms to scout locations for his football saga, Any Given Sunday. Oh, right, that was for Natural Born Killers in 1994. And JFK in 1991. And... Well, either way we swear he was sober when he decided that Miami was the best place in the country to film a movie about a once hugely successful football team that had become a shade of its former self. And no, it wasn't based on our beloved Dolphins. At least we don't think so. Whatever, we still have our perfect season, bitches.

The film follows the fictional Miami Sharks, coached by the always entertaining Al Pacino. Jamie Foxx, Dennis Quaid, Cameron Diaz, James Woods, Matthew Modine, LL Cool J, Ann-Margret, Charlton Heston, a then mostly unknown Aaron Eckhart, and a bunch of B-listers (we're thinking of you Elizabeth Berkley and Bill Bellamy ) rounded out one of the largest ensemble casts we can remember. As you would expect, the film was also filled with a bunch of current and former football stars doing cameos, including: Jim Brown, Lawrence Taylor, Terrell Owens, Barry Switzer, Johnny Unitas, and Irving Fryar, who as far as we can tell is the only former Dolphin in the cast.

Shot mostly in Miami, except for a few scenes in Texas and Ft. Lauderdale, Any Given Sunday made good use of the Magic City's varied landscape. The home stadium for the Sharks was the now demolished Orange Bowl. In fact, Stone filled the stadium with locals (and cardboard cutouts) to represent the crowd at a Shark's home game. We were there for that and remember Al being extra nice to the crowd, while Cameron Diaz insulted the 305 and joked that she didn't feel her car was safe in Miami. Ha ha. We don't like you much either, duck mouth.

Here's the trailer:

Any Given Sunday also shot at the Homestead Sports Complex. The scene of the mayor's party was shot at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens (surprise, surprise) and the scene in which Jamie Foxx runs into his ex-girlfriend was shot at the Cardozo Hotel in South Beach.

When the two most notable award nods the film received were an MTV Movie Award nomination for Jamie Foxx as Breathrough Male Performer and a Nickelodeon's Teen Choice Award nomination for Cameron Diaz for Choice Hissy Fit (we're not even making that up), we had to reconsider our earlier opinion of Stone's sobriety while making this film.

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